The Quickening - a Conscious Spiritual Awakening

2009 Cinnamon Moon

Individually and on a global scale there is currently a spiritual quickening underway, a stirring and rising of consciousness as the world evolves along with a spiritual awakening. This awakening is touching each of us according to our needs and according to Divine Timing. It is a call to our spirit to Awaken and until we each come to hear it the conscious mind will slumber and we remain Sleeping. Are you feeling your spirit stirring? If so then it is quickening and you are awakening to this process. The fact that you are exploring this workshop indicates you most likely are feeling something be that subtle or strong and I encourage you to continue exploring and striving to satisfy your curiosity. It will bring you deep satisfaction if you do.

Actually, this process of quickening has been going on for quite awhile, for at least 4 decades that I'm aware of. Those first called to it walked amid spiritual circles and were made ready to assist others who would be following shortly. The Elders, the Old Ones and Ancestors spoke of this time in prophecy. Their words have been ringing out throughout all traditions and cultures and adding variations within the prophecies they shared. Keeping the awareness of this time alive and guarding over the sacred mysteries until it did, it was the Elders who became our spiritual caretakers and servants to Spirit and Mother Earth in so doing. The held safe the sacred points of view.

Throughout the traditions different keys or sacred points of view were scattered and we are now in the assemblage of those as the prophecies come forward with growing interest in those exposed to them. The links between them are being examined and like pieces of a puzzle the picture is evolving-and we're evolving right along with it. Awareness of the need to once again become the caretakers of the Earth Mother has become a global movement with 'Green' being the buzz word. Green has always been symbolic of healing and the Earth Mother has been calling out to her children for assistance with that. She's been raped and pillaged and left barren with waste in many places. Bruised and battered it is up to us to make a difference and the generation coming into power today was groomed for this. Ecological awareness, technology, and actions are being taken, programs established and things yet to be developed, the caretaking has consciously begun. Our connection to Spirit and Mother Earth is becoming vital to our survival and as part of the awakening process we enter into this evolutionary phase. It will take years to complete, but with focus it will be successful.

Prophecy points the way to the choices before us. It shows dire situations of doom and gloom with plagues and wars as a result. If we continue in the vein of blindness to the needs of Mother Earth those things will come to pass, we have a choice though. What side of that ecological movement we elect to be party to will determine the outcome. The majority will rule there. Spiritual awareness and understanding universal laws supports these prophecies and we come to understanding through exploring spiritual mysteries. In that the physical and spiritual sides of life unite and the focus we hold as well as the intent behind it begin to unite with the universe to bring forth co-creative energies. While it is happening globally it is also happening individually in all our lives. It's at the core of these prophecies that they all address the same basic things.

These individuals, the Elders, who were called into service early on were made ready in the sense of their growth through knowledge, skills and even global placements. As Keepers of the sacred truths they were in place for those who were to follow to find them. Training began as the new age of caretakers came into being. This was necessary so that they would be in place to serve the needs of others who would soon follow crossing their paths to sort their confusion. For many years these thousands upon thousands of Pathwalkers have been dedicated to this service. Spirit called out to the sons of humanity to make changes in the world and we can see this as continents, countries, states and communities began to face their conflicts and disruptions that resulted in making way for change to enter. Men were also called out by Mother as she taught them it was okay to be nurturing and caring, to be spiritual beings in balance and that they had a gentle as well as a strong side to themselves.

Mother called out to her daughters to rise up and reclaim their self-empowerment and a spiritual place in the world. Spirit embraced the daughters too and they did step out. No longer confined to the home since Mother and Spirit had called out to them to enter into the workforce as equals there came an initial disruption as power struggles came into being. The disturbances came as balance was sought and change entered the picture. Together these sons and daughters have come to honor themselves as brothers and sisters within a universal family. I won't deny there is still some resistance but there is also the validation of evolutionary changes that are manifesting too and change is a universal law. That will come to pass. They began to show the world how multi-level multi-tasking could be achieved and a balanced nature within the context of physical daily life along with spiritual consciousness could be maintained. This process was not without its own disruptions because the men and women had to find their own balances between the masculine and feminine energies internally as well as externally in relation to others. They would be drawn toward spiritual understanding to accomplish that.

A growing interest in spiritual needs began to surface at the same time and those who served the paths honoring Spirit and Mother evolved to become ready and waiting as one by one others came to join them in this quest. After the repeal of witchcraft laws and the return to the legal practice of Native religions came about in the late 70's the teachings were once again able to be shared. The Elders could openly share, they did this with caution at first and there are still those who walk with caution today because they remember the times when sacred knowledge was persecuted-they lived through those times. Even there it was not without disruption as religious laws and cultural biases were shifting and changing and those who had kept safe the sacred teachings feared they might be destroyed. What had once been closely guarded as sacred secrets and mysteries hidden deep within the shadows of life was being brought out into the light. There were also many in the resistance movement that arose who fought hard to prevent this. Change is never easy and many find it unwelcome, they adapt to the constraints of conditioned living and a deep fear of further loss in what they hold sacred arises. But we're meant to be a part of the whole and that means sharing the wisdom in the teachings.

Pushing through those fears the spiritual pioneers of the past 4 decades have demonstrated that there was no loss, only gain as more and more individuals became aware that they too could become enlightened. New comfort zones began forming, old boundaries dissolved and new territory was explored. A new yet ancient territory for the sacred held in the spiritual truths is universal law, it is eternal and immortal superseding the laws of the land. Within this movement the New Age awareness spread like wildfire during the 60's as more and more people began to embrace the spiritual side of life. It was that movement that led to the repeal of the religious laws forbidding the practices of nature-based religions such as those found in Native cultures and pagan circles. There was and still is a lot of confusion on how to go about that and those who are coming out of their slumber are called forth seeking to find those who have been trained and strategically placed where they are needed most. The seeking has begun and it's been an honor for me to live through these times of change in the world, to be counted among the helpers, to actually see these things stepping out into the light rather than being hidden in the shadows.

We are all the children of the Great Ones, we are all precious and loved, We Are All Related. We all deserve to be able to fully embrace the bounty that life has to offer both within ourselves and externally in the world around us. Spiritual awareness is part of that, it allows us to achieve that balance, to grow and evolve and to raise our awareness that there is so much more to life than what's before our mundane eyes.


The questions begin as we start to realize there's more to life than just getting through a day. We begin to ask ourselves who is the teacher that will enlighten us? What is a spiritual path going to be like and how do we benefit? When will we find the path that's right for us? Where will we find it? How will we know?

Whether you are simply curious or very serious about your spiritual growth and development it's important to know that all those answers are first found within yourself. Your Self. The spirit within you. It expands from there and once you begin to recognize your Inner Spirit it quickens. It stirs within you recognizing you see it. It starts to get excited and you begin to physically feel those stirrings. Are you ready to begin your journey? Only you can answer that.

Recognizing the quickening is a process of Awakening, Awakening to the spirit within us and realizing we are not simply bodies with spirits but we are truly spirits with bodies. It's recognizing that we have incarnated into these bodies in this lifetime to fulfill a purpose. We have come to learn, share and contribute to the physical reality and aid the process of universal evolution. It's recognizing that the spirit within us is immortal, not our bodies, and that we need to honor that spirit to release the full potential we, as spiritual beings, possess. It's coming to see that what brings us joy and contributes to the joy of others-whatever that may be-also brings joy to Spirit and Mother Earth. We have their blessings to do what our hearts and spirits move us to do and regardless of what that might be it is contributing to the enhancing of the world around us. We begin improving things and contributing to the evolution of a better life. It can be as simple as a smile or as complex as the discovery of a cure for disease. Whatever it is, it is enough and no contribution is greater than another.

In this way we come to understand that our self-empowerment lies within us, within that very spirit. It will teach us about our weaknesses so that we can transform them into strengths. It will teach us about our courage as we dig within ourselves to find our answers and the strength to honor them. It will teach us about our gifts and abilities as we learn to wield them. It will bring us to the conviction that the path we walk is right for us and so much more.

As we do this we enter into the evolutionary process with the rest of those I've mentioned, taking our place in the world as we pass through this Change so many speak of-a passage in which we becoming a contributing factor. We become acclimated to a new comfort zone and we learn we can function on multi-levels as we multi-task by bringing the feminine and masculine sides of our natures into balance internally. Then we are ready to contribute to the process itself in our own ways, whatever they might be.


What does the Awakening look like? What does this recognition feel like? How do you know it's real? The answer is simple. When you recognize that you do indeed have a spirit within you, you bring that awareness into consciousness. Some call this the Assemblage Point-our point of assembling our focus, while others call it our Sacred Point of View. Regardless of the semantics, the mind responds with curiosity, it begins to look within you to find that elusive spirit with the intent to discover if it is truth or fallacy. Now, when the mind looks into the darkness it seeks that spark of life, the tiny light that shines deep in the distance. It begins to delve deeper seeking the source. Your awareness follows a conscious focus and focus is important here. As you focus the mind's eye aligns with the eyes of the Inner Spirit and your spirit sees that the mind is connecting, starting to anyway. So it stirs with eagerness and the light in the distance flickers to hold our attention, after all it's been waiting a long, long time for you to look in its direction.

I say 'it' because the spirit within us is neither male nor female, that's a physical gender, the spirit is pure energy and therefore androgynous. Gender applies to the physical body of all living things and to the use of energy set in motion or stilled. The spirit is capable of shapeshifting to a more dominant nature as need be and in that can appear to be masculine. It is also capable of shifting to a receptive or feminine energy on the surface but it is actually both and neither. Feminine energy (and we all have it be we male or female) is a magnetic, passive or receptive energy. Masculine energy (and we all have it be we male or female) is an electric, active or assertive energy. We need both. We need to utilize the feminine receptivity to attune to the spiritual and we need to utilize the masculine assertiveness to attune to the physical realities of life where we put that energy into action through our focused wills. Life too is both feminine or spiritual and masculine or physical and neither for they are, when in balance, in union with each other and whole or androgynous. They are One.

As the spirit within you stirs it triggers sensory impressions. You will start to feel your senses telling you things, and the mind is in focus starting to recognize the sensory inputs that trigger further interest. As you strengthen your focus the mind follows that point of interest with great curiosity because it needs to understand to accept whether or not these truths are present. The mind does like to be in control, so it is important to set your will learning to control the levels of balance necessary. Your spirit begins to hone itself and you start to know what willpower is all about. The mind must be trained too, trained to accept that the spirit within holds the greater will-for a reason.

The spirit is within you to guide you and show you the way so the more attention you pay to it, the more you learn to foster that connection through your awareness, the more that spark of life comes alive. The spark quickly begins to grow to a flickering flame, much like that of a candle, and as your intentions grow stronger it accommodates you by growing brighter and lighting the way through the darkness of the unknown within you. The path begins to show itself internally then, you can see that light growing and you follow it coming closer and closer. The closer you get the brighter the light and the greater the flame. Then the connection happens in a flood of sensory impressions allowing you to recognize the passion of the spirit within and union is achieved. At that point the spirit's flame of passion becomes a beacon in the darkness and the path you are meant to walk is clearly lit.

Now, there is a process, no matter what tradition you embrace, or what eclectic path you might take, there is a pattern of unfoldment that follows according to universal laws. Once you see the pattern you will see it everywhere for it is a pattern forged throughout life itself. There is nothing wrong with an eclectic search anymore than there is in a foundational exploration based on cultural traditions. Either way you can achieve your goals. The benefit of a traditional approach is that it simply gets you there faster in the long run through a time-tested course that offers structure. An eclectic course lacks structure but brings us to it in the end when we discover the path that speaks to us. We may find we are the sort that needs to gather from many sources and compare them to find the universal truths without having to adhere or pledge ourselves to fealty of just one way. For those called to the eclectic path there is purpose to their winding journey-they are going to serve those from various traditions in some manner. It's as simple as that. They are the ones who can relate to a wider variety of mindsets. Most of us apply a bit of both at first and I think that's a good thing. It allows us to sample what's out there and find what's right for us.


There are many benefits in finding union with your Inner Spirit and they not only apply to your Awakening but also lead you to understanding your sensory abilities. The spirit within you communicates through your senses and you will discover in that process a growing awareness not only of them but what they are capable of in serving your needs or your actions in the service of others. It is through the senses we enter into spiritual awareness and understanding, our experiences along those lines lead us to lessons and spiritual teachers along the way. Guides and Spirit Helpers begin to introduce themselves and we enter the learning process with teachers who specialize in many different aspects of spirituality. This contributes to our growing comprehensions and the spirit within will show you how to find your way along your initial entry points. Learning to trust those sensory impressions you'll begin embracing them as valuable assets utilizing them more and more. The more you use them the stronger they get and growth starts to happen. Experiences will lead to questions that need answers and searching for the answers we start looking for the paths to finding them.


I cannot emphasize enough that you are already on your path standing right where you need to be at this very moment. Whether your quickening process has already begun or is just initiating itself, your earthwalk is a process that is divinely timed to your individual needs. There is no rush or competition with someone else in getting 'there' because you're already here. Where your present path leads will encompass other paths as well and that's what we need to be looking at.

Initially you may start to explore different cultural teachings or perhaps metaphysical studies that help you find a sense of direction and connections to what you are beginning to feel emerging within yourself and your experiences. Perhaps you are of a more technical mind and quantum physics draws you from a scientific perspective to explore the unexplained. In either case, events will start to take place that are beyond physical explanation and the only way to find those answers will be along spiritual lines. Why? Because they defy physical explanations.

There is a lot of reading to do at first and it can become voracious at times depending on how driven our spirit is to get us where we need to be next. It's okay to follow your impulses; you should be doing just that. It's also important to not lose sight of your mundane obligations either. Balance is vitally important or we will find our daily life becomes complicated with neglected duties and we are pulled away from our spiritual progress until that balance is restored. Through matters that catch your interest you will start to gather bits and pieces of a wonderful puzzle. It's very much like a jigsaw puzzle initially and those pieces need to be collected and assembled over time. We have to connect the dots but it takes time to spot them.

As you find different sources of information you'll start to see where the connections flow together and what appeals to you most, what is easiest for you to understand is what you will embrace. That's a normal course for anyone to take so reading and exploring the different traditional teachings that are out there in an eclectic non-committal fashion is part of the process. Some individuals come to find the eclectic path is the one they prefer and they remain there while others will come to find a more traditional approach balances better for them and they branch off onto that path. Both choices are perfectly valid.

Eventually, and this depends all upon you, a path will start to stand out and 'speak' to you. It actually feels like you've come 'home' to a familiar place and that you 'fit' there. That's the path you need to explore so watch for it, be patient, it might take awhile or it could happen rather quickly. The pace will be right for you whatever the case may be. Learn to see things that way and your patience will be there when you need it. Once we find the path we will start looking for the physical teacher to guide us along it.


Finding a physical teacher is a process too. They appear when you are ready to embrace what they can share with you and when you are ready to put in the time, effort and practice it takes to develop your knowledge and skills. Don't grab the first person that comes along just because they are there. Look carefully at what they are sharing and the motives they hold in doing so. Are they trying to make you feel dependent upon them? Are they trying to control what you look into and hold you to strict observances right away? If so then question their motives.

A good teacher is going to share things to contribute to your self-empowerment, not theirs. They will let you ask all the questions you wish, wait to see if you embrace and work with the answers they give, and match you step for step regardless of where your interests take you. They might tell you that questions you're asking require more study to fully comprehend the answers and then guide you in the directions you need to go to prepare yourself for that understanding. Understand that's healthy teaching.

A good teacher is going to help you develop your sensory abilities and focus on that development with you as a primary starting point. They will encourage you to work with your spirit and they will help introduce you to the elemental forces, their dimensions, your Spirit Helpers and the methods of making connection along those lines. They will encourage you to practice exercises that allow those connections to be experienced and then help you assimilate what those experiences were about. And they will do this in accordance with meeting your needs.

A good teacher is going to empower you to stand on your own understanding things clearly so that you are not dependent on them and can get on with fulfilling your spirit's quest and destiny whatever that may be. They will not be attached or encourage you to become attached other than through the course of a naturally growing friendship that might develop between you. Intimate issues and confidences will be respected and upheld. Respect, integrity, compassion, patience, honor, good intentions and a giving nature will be reciprocal between the two of you.

When that individual stands before you or crosses your path you'll feel it, your spirit will stir, you'll simply Know it's them and you will approach asking if they can share a little time with you to talk about things. The teacher will see the serious student and know by the questions they ask if they are to walk with that individual or not. Likely they'll be well prepared to be watching for your arrival having been forewarned you would be coming through guidance and they will recognize you before you spot them. They will also wait for you to approach them.

Sometimes our physical teachers are still at a distance and we meet them through others in a way where we must correspond by letters, email or phone. This is just as effective as having someone you can sit with face to face. If there is need for the face to face lessons then you'll be crossing paths at the appropriate time for those teachings to be brought to you. Learn to trust your process, embrace it with discernment, and explore where and when you can with patience.


The spiritual journey begins with you and it passes through many stages of development in each lifetime we experience. It's a journey, and it's what happens along the way that makes all the difference. Learning to look back is helpful to see where we've been and why things happened the way they did. What we learned through past experiences is important so we can see where we made mistakes or achieved successes and either avoid old behaviors or repeat them. But it's also important to keep our main focus on the present so we always have to bring ourselves back to what is called the Now. The Now of the moment. In this way we are present in our awareness with what's happening in our lives.

We can look ahead too and as our spiritual development increases we will gain the ability to extend our senses beyond physical limitations into the future to catch glimpses of where we're heading. Again, it's a glimpse, not the full picture of where we're going but our next step will be taken in the present so back we go to the Now. It's that next step that will get us closer to our next destination. It's always first things first and if we hold our awareness to the present we make much faster progress.

A spiritual journey takes a lifetime, it becomes a way of life, one in which we continually learn and evolve. Along the way we will meet with physical teachers, like-minded individuals, and others that will share their knowledge and experiences with us. All this gives us an ongoing basis for comparison in what we're going through too. You will come to explore your senses and dimensions of the spirit worlds that open you to other teachers not of this world and to Spirit Helpers that will bring the greatest lessons you could ask for. They are there right now, waiting to help you but you have to learn to make those connections and open to the communication between you. The foundations of any spiritual path need to be in place for that to be an effective connection.

Here at Spirit Lodge .info you are welcome to partake of all resources offered. There are a wide variety of options to satisfy your interests and needs. You are welcome to work at your own pace, in your own style or follow the recommended courses of study. There are options to fit the needs of everyone be that curiosity, a desire to apply effort into personal development and self-empowerment, or a path of spiritual service. Certification to teach the enlightenments offered requires application and acceptance for private coaching sessions along with the successful completion of various courses of study. The options are yours, the investment is yours, and the resources are here to help you. If you are interested in further study please look over the index page to find the links for seminars, workshops and optional resources.